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                                              An alphabet story by Jean Warren

The alphabet kids made pumpkin pies.
They all helped out, surprise, surprise!

A - ate them.
B - baked them.
C - counted them.
D - divided them.
E - emptied them.
F - fetched them.
G - grabbed them.
H - held them.
I - inspected them.
J - judged them.
K – kept them.
L - loved them.
M - mixed them.
N – nibbled on them.
O – offered them.
P - poured them.
Q - quartered them.
R -racked them.
S - smelled them.
T - tasted them.
U - uncovered them.
V - videotaped them.
W – whipped creamed them.
X - examined them.
Y - yearned for them.
Z - zipped them up for later.