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                                              A story song by Jean Warren

Once there was a beggar, who went from door to door.
But there was no food for him, the people were too poor.

Then one day, he had a plan to feed the whole town.
He would make them Stone Soup, a pot was soon found.

Next, he filled the pot up, with water and a stone.
The villagers were grateful, one shared a meaty bone.

One ran home and got some carrots to add to the pot.
Another shared potatoes, as the soup was getting hot.

‘Round and ‘round the beggar stirred, while others joined the group.
One brought onions, one brought beans, they added to the soup.

When the soup was all done and everyone was fed.
The villagers took their bowls and went home to their beds.

The next day they decided, to all go as a group,
To thank the town beggar, for his magic soup.

But when they went to find him, they found that he was gone.
But he had left the soup stone, so their magic could go on!

[This story could be sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”]