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                     A Creative Action Story by Jean Warren

Whenever I go out to play
My super scarf I wear.
I tie it Ďround my shoulders
And fly up through the air.

And when itís time to come back down
I choose a different route.
Falling can be lots of fun
When you use a parachute.

And if by chance in landing
I fall upon my arm,
My super scarf can make a sling
To keep my arm from harm.

To cross the ocean, I can make
A super little boat.
My arms can be the paddles
Or I can simply float.

Sometimes I make the wind go fast
And dance across the sea.
And if I get my sail up fast,
It blows the boat for me.

Now if another boat I pass
When I am out to sea,
I signal with my super flag
So they will know itís me.

Sometimes I go a spying
To see what I can see.
I peek out from my super scarf
As sneaky as can be.

And when someone is coming
I quickly disappear,
So no one ever knows at all
That Super Spy is near!

Now if a dangerous tiger
Pounces from a tree,
I use my scarf to ward him off
And watch him run from me.

And when itís time for lunch,
I have a special treat.
My super scarf becomes a bag
With lots of things to eat.

Itís super, super handy
To have my scarf around,
Especially when you want to eat
Out upon the ground.

And when Iím through with eating,
I take a little break
From my super adventures-
A super nap I take.
Jean Warren