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Monthly Rhyme Stories - by Jean Warren
When January comes, I like to go
Out to play in the cold, white snow.

I wear my boots and a warm wool hat
And I play snow games with the neighbor's cat.

Other children come and we build a man
Made of snow with sticks for hands.

What a happy time of year,
When snowflakes fall on my face and ears.


When February comes I hope to find,
My mailbox filled with valentines.

It is a time for everyone
To join in all the holiday fun.

First, you cut out hearts of red
And glue them on a doilie bed.

Then, you write on “I Love You”
And send them off to whom they’re to.

What a special time of year,
Remembering loved ones, oh so dear.



When March blows in, I love to fly
My little kite up in the sky.
Up, up it goes, around and around,
While I tag along, my feet on the ground.

Everything's blowing, wind socks, too.
Things are budding and hatching new.
What a special time of year,
When spring suddenly starts to appear!

When April comes, I pack my gear
So I’ll be ready when showers appear.

I love to splash in puddles all day.
Just like a duck, out at play.

Sometimes I look up in the sky
And spot a rainbow, way up high.

What a special time of year,
When chicks, bunnies and eggs appear!



When it’s May, I like to go
Out and watch the flowers grow.

But most of all I love to play
With my bat and ball all day.

Bees and butterflies, fly around
Flowers on branches and on the ground.

Baby birds safe in their nests,
Ready to give their wings a test.

Little squirrels run and play.
In the merry month of May.

What a special time of year,
Now that summer is almost here!

When June comes around, I like to go
Out in the yard and try to blow
Great big bubbles in the sky
And watch them float, way up high.

I like to search all around
For bug and butterflies, up and down.

Sometimes I grab a garden hose
And sprinkle the flowers and even my toes.

June is special in many ways
Starry nights and sunny days.

It also is the time to say,
“I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day!”


When July comes, I march around,
Like the people in parades, I see in town.
I decorate my wagon, just for fun
And wave a flag at everyone.

In July I see, high in the sky,
Fireworks bursting on the 4th of July.
There are always picnics and races, too
And everyone dresses in red, white and blue.

And when it gets too hot to play.
I jump in water and splash all day.
I love July, don’t you, too?
Especially, when there is no school!


beach ballWhen August comes the days are hot,
Cold lemonade sure hits the spot.

Now’s the time to walk on a beach
And feel the sand between my feet.
To build my castles way up tall,
And listen to the seagulls call.

August makes me slow way down
To smell the flowers on the ground.
August lets me read a book,
While lying in a shady nook.

August is that special time
Before you hear the school bells chime.


acorn and leafSeptember brings us cooler days.
Summer toys are packed away.

Now the leaves are falling down,
Red, yellow, orange and brown.

Soon the school doors will open wide
And I can’t wait to be inside.
To see my friends and teacher, too,
To show them everthing that's new.

School is filled with stories and rhymes,
Art,puzzles and music time.

I just love going back to school,
As the days begin to cool.


JackolanternOctober brings us crispy nights,
Harvest moons and bats in flight.

Down below the pumpkins wait,
Wondering what will be their fate.
Will they become breads or pies?
Will they be carved with scary eyes?

The owls are hooting up in the trees,
“Who, who, who is afraid of me?”
Everywhere the spiders spin,
Hoping dinner will soon drop in!

October is filled with plots and plans,
Sewing projects and busy hands.
Treats are purchased, costumes made.
Make believe is now the craze!

At last comes the night of tricks and screams.
It’s the end of October.  It’s Halloween!


CornicopiaNovember is the season when,
We gather together with family and friends.
It’s a special time of year,
When we give thanks for all that’s dear.

First we shop, then cook and bake.
Then we clean and decorate.
Then we wait, and wait and wait.
Then at last, we celebrate!

Thanksgiving’s here, it’s time to cheer,
But we are thankful, throughout the year!


WreathDecember is the time of year,
We gather together for holiday cheer.
The days are short, the nights are long.
We celebrate with stories and holiday songs.

We decorate our homes and our yards.
We send out presents and homemade cards.
We trim fir trees with ornaments and lights.
We try to create a welcoming sight.

We share the wonders of the season.
We pray for peace and hope and reason.
We share our love and holiday cheer.
December ends, another wonderful year!