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A Color Story by Jean Warren

Dotty the Dinosaur loves to eat
Things like lettuce and string beans.
That is why, the color of her skin
Was colored a lovely green.

One day she saw some strawberries
And ate them all that day.
Later, Dotty the Dinosaur
Turned bright red they say.

Dotty just loved colors,
So the next day she ate two
Bushes filled with blueberries
And turned the color blue.

Dotty couldn't decide now
Which color she liked best.
So Dotty just ate everything.
Her skin an awful mess?

No, Dotty now had dots
Of color everywhere.
Dotty now was different
But Dotty didn't care.

Dotty loved her new skin,
She liked it a lot.
Now she was the only dinosaur
With a coat of polka dots!