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A story about Responsibility and Trust
By Jean Warren


Little Camel lived at the zoo.
Her mother and father lived there, too.

Whether at work or whether at play,
Little Camel could be trusted, they say.

Whatever she said that she would do
You could count on her to follow through.

One day, Little Camel was cleaning her stall
When Mrs. Duck came to call.

"Oh, Little Camel could you please
Watch my ducklings today for me?"

Little Camel agreed to spend her day
Watching the ducklings while she was away.

Little Camel knew what ducks like to do.
She marched them down to the pond at the zoo.

In they jumped, then swam around
Quacking and bobbing up and down.

Everything was fine until the Hippo Twins
Couldn't wait their turn and jumped right in.

Ducklings went flying here and there.
The Hippo Twins just didn't care.

Little Camel knew what she had to do.
She reminded the Hippos of the zoo rule,

The Hippos climbed out onto the shore
While the ducklings began to swim some more.

Later, Little Camel said, "Time to go."
Then off she marched her ducklings in tow.

She took them home and when they were fed
She read them a story, then put them to bed.

When Mrs. Duck returned, she was happy to see
Everything just as it ought to be.

She was happy to hear about the way
Little Camel had spoken and saved the day!

At last, Little Camel went home, to rest.
Knowing that today, she had done her best!