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A Rainbow Story adapted by Jean Warren from
A Native American folktale


Running Deer was happy. It was spring and the world was once again filled with flowers. Running Deer loved flowers. She took care of them. They were her friends for they always made people happy.

She called upon the Rain to give them water to drink. She called upon the Sun to come so they could grow.

One day, Running Deer heard some flowers crying. "Why are you crying?" she asked. "We are crying," they said, "because we have no place in heaven when we fade and die."
Animals and people get to go to the great hunting grounds in the sky, but flowers have no special place to go.

"Don't cry little flowers," said Running Deer, "I will get my friends to help you."

The next day, she called upon the Rain and the Sun and told them the sad story of the flowers.

"What can I do?" said the Rain. "What can I do?" said the Sun.
"Well I don't know," said Running Deer, "But maybe if you work together, you can come up with an idea."

"OK," said the Sun and the Rain, "We will work together to help the flowers."

And they did.
Just look in the sky whenever the rain and the sun come together to earth. There you will see the flower's place in heaven. We call it a RAINBOW.
But now you know that it is the final resting place for all the world's beautiful flowers.
Now the flowers never cry and they can't wait for their time up in the sky.