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A Problem Solving Story by Jean Warren


One day in the house, I heard quite a roar.
There was a loud noise outside my front door.

I opened the door and what did I see?
A mother duck quacking and nodding at me.

She flapped and she quacked with a great urgency,
That seemed to be saying, "Please follow me".

What did she want? What should I do?
Helping a duck was something quite new.

As she waddled away and I felt a great need
To step on outside and follow her lead.

Where was I going? What would I find?
I followed the duck, my children behind.

Soon we all stopped by a small little space
That went under the house, in the back of our place.

There were four ducklings stuck in that place,
Their mother unable to squeeze in the space.

The mother was quacking, the babies were, too.
I now knew the problem, but what could I do?

I saw an old wagon by the back door
And use it to rescue the adventurous four.

I reached down inside the little crawl space
And lifted them out of that frightening place.

Now that her ducklings were safe once more,
The mother duck scolded the troublesome four.

She flapped and she quacked, as they each tried to hide,
While she told them to never stray far from her side.

Then she turned and waddled back down to the lake,
While I pulled the wagon, two kids in my wake.

Down our front walk, then across the main street,
Went four wagon wheels and eight happy feet

Mother Duck led our little parade
Reassuring her ducklings to "not be afraid"!

Soon we were safe on the road's other side
And I felt for a moment, Mother Duck's pride.

As I picked up each duckling and then set them down
I shared in her joy, her chicks were now found!

They waddled and quacked around their mother with glee,
They were glad to be home - It was all pain to see.

As they waddled away, I picked up my own,
Gave them a hug , then a wagon ride home.

I'll always remember, Mother Duck's pride
As she waddled away, her chicks safe at her side.

But I'll also remember, her great bravery
When she quacked at my door and chose to trust me!