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A Color Story by Jean Warren


Little white bunny
Hopped on her legs
While she was painting
Some colorful eggs.

She bumped a paint can
Then two, three and four.
Then she fell down
On the paint, on the floor.

She tried to stand up
But kept falling down
Into all of the paint
That was now on the ground.

She was covered in paint
From her head to each toe
And when she got up
She was a Rainbow!

She was orange and red,
She was green and blue,
She was yellow and purple
And bright pink, too.

She liked it so much,
She hopped 'round and 'round.
She finished her eggs
Then hopped into town.

Tune: "Jingle Bells"
Rainbow Bunny, Rainbow Bunny
Hopping all around
Rainbow Bunny, Rainbow Bunny
Hopping into town.
Colors here, colors there
Colors everywhere.
Rainbow Bunny looked so great
With colors in her hair.