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A Thanksgiving Creative Action Story


Mother was baking, the house smelled wonderful. Bobby and Suzy were trying to be good but it was hard waiting for Thanksgiving.

They had cleaned their rooms but now they had nothing to do. Mother was busy cooking.
Earlier they had helped her make letters on the tops of the pies but now she was just too busy to let them help.

“I wish I was big and could make pies and cakes,” said Bobby.
“I wish I could make peas and carrots and cook a great big turkey,” said Suzy.

Just then they heard the doorbell. It was Grandpa. He asked them if they would like to go back to his house for the afternoon. When they got to their grandparent’s house, Grandma was waiting for them.

Grandma took them into her kitchen and asked them if they would help her make some dough.
She set out 4 bowls and put ¼ cup of hot water in each bowl.
Then, she let Bobby and Suzy put ½ cup of salt into each bowl.

Next, she gave them some food coloring and had them put drops of green coloring into one bow, red in another bowl, then red and yellow in a third bowl and finally, red, yellow and blue in the last bowl.

They took turns stirring the water, salt and food coloring in each bowl. Next, they helped Grandma measure out a cup of flour for each bowl. Then, everyone took a bowl, including Grandpa and mixed in the flour.

The dough in Grandma’s bowl turned pink. The dough in Bobby’s bowl was green.
The dough in Suzy’s bowl was orange and the dough in Grandpa’s bowl was brown.

Grandma added some more red food coloring to her bowl, so that her dough would be a darker red.
Grandpa’s dough was sticky so he added more flour. Bobby’s dough was dry, so he added a little more water.

At last, there were four perfect bowls of colored dough. Grandma took the dough out of the bowls and cut each mound of dough in half. Next, she set out two large pieces of waxed paper on the kitchen table and put a clump of each color of dough on each sheet.

Bobby and Suzy wondered what Grandma was making. Next, she set out some small plates, pans and spreading knives.

“What are you going to bake, Grandma?” the children asked.

“Oh, this dough is not for me,” said Grandma. This dough is for you to make a pretend dinner.

The children played with the dough for a long time. They made small green peas and orange carrots.
They made cakes and pies. They made baked potatoes and a large brown turkey.

When they had their pretend dinner ready, they invited Grandma and Grandpa to a pretend Thanksgiving dinner.

After they helped clean up, their Grandparents took them back to their house, where everything was ready for a real Thanksgiving dinner.