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A math and ecology story by Jean Warren

Out of the surf, by the light of the moon,
Crawled a big mother turtle, to a high sand dune.

At the top of the dune, she started to dig.
She scooped out a nest that was deep and was big.

She then laid her eggs and when she was done,
She counted her eggs – one hundred and one.

She covered them up with soft wet sand,
Then headed away from the beach and the land.

Back to the sea, the mother then crept.
Back to the sea, while her babies all slept.

Her work was done, her babies would grow.
And when they were hatched, to the sea they would go.

Deep in their nest, the turtles soon grew
And when they were ready, their eggs cracked in two.

They broke down their shells and climbed up high,
To the top of their nest, then stopped with a sigh.

They dug out a hole and looked for the light,
That they would follow to the sea that night.

They heard the surf calling, they wanted to go
But they were afraid of the dangers below.

Then out of the hole, crawled a brave little scout.
She ran to the water, then gave them a shout.

Slowly, the others crawled out that night,
Searching the skies for the moon’s bright light.

They wasted no time and scurried about,
Choosing which way would be their best route.

Ten went up and over the dune.
Ten just followed the path of the moon.

Ten went running up and down
Ten went in circles around and around

Ten were chased by a crab that night.
But another crab stopped him and wanted to fight.

Ten followed a house light, then turned about
When someone thought to turn the light out.

Ten crawled around rocks and broken grass.
Ten found a path through the tall sea grass.

Ten struggled through a wet marshland
Ten circled a hole that was left in the sand.

They all reached the water, then dove right in
All 101 knew how to swim!

They swam on and on, without a doubt
Until a great big wave, washed them out.

Back on land they tumbled but then,
Back to the water they went again.

The surf was angry, it tossed them around
But when they came up, it was moonlight they found.

All 101 swam on that night
All 101 followed the light.

They were as happy as they could be
They were now part of the great big sea!