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By Jean Warren

Daisy the dinosaur lived on a hill.
She loved to dance, she never sat still.

When she would twirl and stomp all around.
Things in the town, would fall to the ground.

She made the ground rumble, she make the ground shake.
To the people in town, it was like an earthquake.

The people decided, they wanted a break.
From all of the rumbling that Daisy did make.

They wanted to sleep in their beds quietly,
Instead of tossing all night so violently.

If Daisy would just- go to sleep some time,
Things in town would be just fine.

But how did they get Daisy to sleep,
When she loved dancing all night on her feet?

They first tried singing - Daisy to sleep
But Daisy just danced to the sound of the beat.

They tried giving her some peppermint tea
But Daisy kept dancing and stomping her feet.

They even trained sheep to jump over her head
But Daisy just jumped over them instead!

Finally, the town went to Daisy and said,
"Daisy Dino, go to bed!"

Daisy replied by lying down
Her jumbo body on the ground.

She closed her eyes and heaved a sigh,
Then fell asleep but my-oh-my!

What a racket, what a roar!
Daisy the Dino, started to snore!

The people all sighed, now what could they do?
The dancing was bad but the snoring was, too.

They packed up their bags and moved down the hill
To a quiet valley where the nights were still.
**If you were the people, what would you have done?