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An American Indian Story Song by Jean Warren
Adapted from a traditional lullaby.
Rock-a-bye baby
Up on my back.
Snuggle up close
In your cradleboard sack.

When you are ready
We'll go for a walk
Safe on my back
Your cradle will rock.

Off we will go.
I walk along
With my baby in tow.

Close your sweet eyes
And dream a sweet dream
As I hunt for berries
Down by the stream.

When I get tired
I'll just find a tree
To let the soft breeze
Rock you for me.

Don't be afraid
There's nothing to fear
I'll sing you a song,
So you'll know that I'm near.

In the tree top.
When the wind blows
Your cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks
Your cradle will fall
But mommy will catch you
Cradle and all!

This story can be sung to "Rock-A-Bye-Baby"