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Down on the farm, when it's still night.
The rooster wakes up, just before light.

He knows exactly what he must do.
He puffs up his chest and Cock-a -doodle- doos!

He's very important, for you see,
The big yellow sun, sleeps in the sea.

The rooster must crow as loud as he can,
So the sun will get up and shine 'cross the land.

And as the light rises up in the sky,
He keeps right on crowing and I'll tell you why.

He knows that his job has only begun.
He now must awaken - everyone!

He wakes up the horses, the cows and the dogs.
He wakes up the sheep, the pigs and the hogs.

He wakes up the farmer, the farmers wife, too.
He wakes up the children with his cock-a-doodle-do!

Now you know why, the rooster is so -
Very important when he starts to crow!

Jean Warren