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by Jean Warren

Once upon a time, people had to catch wild turkeys for their Thanksgiving dinner. One year a family sent their son Tommy out to catch a bird.

Tommy knew that turkeys liked corn, so he hid by the corn crib in hopes of catching one when it stopped for a snack. Sure enough, Tommy soon spotted a flock of wild turkeys flying by and when they spotted the corn, they flew down for a closer look.

When they landed, they went towards the corn and Tommy went towards the birds. The birds sensed danger, just as Tommy grabbed onto two birds. They all took off, taking Tommy with them.

Up, up they flew. Up, up went Tommy.
Tommy wanted to let go but he knew his family was counting on him to catch their Thanksgiving turkey.

Tommy and the turkeys flew over the town, then they circled back. At last, Tommy thought of a way to get back down to the ground and still have turkey for Thanksgiving.

(Stop the story here, and let your child speculate what Tommy did.)

Tommy let go of one of the birds. Now one turkey had to lift him all by himself. Soon the bird grew tired with all of Tommy's weight hanging onto him.

Slowly, the turkey circled down and landed on the ground, too tired to fly any more.

Tommy walked home with his turkey and his family got not only a large turkey dinner that year but a TALL TALE as well.

Do you think Tommy's family believed his story? Do you?

Adapted from an American Tale Tale