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By Jean Warren


Out in the backyard
There grows a big tree,
Filled with surprises
For sister and me.

Whether it's Summer,
Winter or Fall,
The tree keeps on giving
Surprises to all.

In Summer, it spreads
It's branches out wide
And gives us all shade
When the temperatures rise.

In Fall, it produces
The best tasting treat,
Shinny, red apples,
They fall at your feet.

In Winter, the tree
Tries not to bend,
As we string it with treats
For our winter bird friends.

In Spring, it bursts forth
With blossoms of white,
Filling my world
With a magical sight!

Let your children enjoy this story all year long. Below are related activities for each month of the year.

  • January - Let your children help you fill a tree with bird treats.
  • February - Help your child measure the shadows that your tree casts.
  • March - Let your child tie ribbons in your tree and watch them blow in the wind.
  • April - Help your child set out nesting materials by your tree, to encourage birds to build a nest in your tree, such as, string, yarn, hay and small sticks.
  • May - Look for trees in your neighborhood that have blossoms.
  • June - Show your child how to do rubbings from the bark on your tree.
  • July - Encourage your child to enjoy the shade from your tree.
  • August - Hang small metal objects down from the branches of your tree with string. Give your child a spoon and show him how to hit the metal objects to create musical sounds.
  • September - Have your child collect leaves from trees and name their colors.
  • October - Enjoy juicy apples that come from Apple trees.
  • November - Look for treasures in trees. Can you find any nuts hidden there by squirrels?
  • December - String lights on your tree for the Holidays.