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(A Counting Story)

Over in the barnyard
Out in the sun,
Stood a big mother horse
And her little colt of one.

"Nay-nay", said the mother.
"Nay-nay", said the one.
So they "nayed" all day
Out in the sun.

Over in the barnyard
In a pond of blue,
Swam a white mother duck
And her ducklings, two.

"Quack, quack", said the mother.
"Quack, quack", said the two.
So they "quacked" all day
Swimming in the blue.


Over in the barnyard
Up in a tree,
Sat a mother owl
And her owlets three.

"Who, who", said the mother.
"Who, who", said the three.
So they "whoo'd" all day
In the old oak tree.

Over in the barnyard
By the red barn door,
Walked a big pig mother
And her little piglets four.

"Oink, oink", said the mother.
"Oink, oink", said the four.
As they "oinked" all day
By the red barn door.
Jean Warren