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by Jean Warren
Cowboys always wore a hat.
Did you ever wonder why?

Now I know it's wide brim
Kept the sun out of their eyes.
It also was an umbrella
When the rain fell from the sky.

Now I know the reason
It had a high, high crown.
It kept the cowboy's head cool
With so much air around.

Now, if the cowboy wanted
To wash or have a drink.
I hear tell he used his hat
As a cup or as a sink.

Cowboys always had a horse
And often on the range
They used their hats to water them.
They didn't think it strange.

When lighting fires to cook out
Their hats were just the thing
To make the fire stronger
As they fanned the fire flames.

Now when their evening was over
Their hat was what they used
To douse the fire with water
And then rest their head to snooze!