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Make your stories come alive by extending them around your classroom.  Here are some quick ideas to extend story time all day long.

DRAMATIZATIONS -  Let your children take turns acting out the stories after they have been read.

PANTOMINING -  Let your children take turns pantomiming different characters in your story.

GAMES – Make up games based on the story.  You could make board games, have races, etc.

COOKING – Let your children help you make a food item mentioned in a story.

RECALLING STORIES -  Have your children help you recall the story in the proper sequence.

SEQUENCE CARDS – Make sequence cards for your children to take turns placing them in the proper order.

CLASS BOOK -  Let your children each illustrate a page of the story, to make a group picture story book.

FRIEZE -   Use the colored pictures from above to make a frieze along a wall in your room.

ORDERING -  Have your children help you remember what happened at the beginning, the middle and at the end of the story.

NEW ENDINGS – Have your children offer suggestions for different endings for your story.

PUPPETS – Set out materials for your children to make paper bag puppets of the story characters.

NUMBER BOOK -  Make a number book based on the characters, animals or objects in the story.

COUNTERS -  Set out number counters based on objects in the story.

SONGS -  Let your children help you create songs based on the story.  Make parodies of favorite childhood tunes.

SIZE DISCRIMINATION – Discuss objects, or characters in the story.  Ask which one was larger, smaller, etc.