A Rhyme Size Story
by Jean Warren

Discuss with your children what it would be like to be very, very small.  Let them pretend to be very little.  Then, ask the children what it would be like to be, very, very big.  Let them all parade around as giants.  Now, read the following rhyme story and let your children act it out.  Let them expand on the  story, acting out other situations the bee may have encountered when she was big.

Once there was a tiny bee, small and fuzzy and hard to see.

“Oh, woe is me,” said the tiny bee.

“I wish I was huge, tall and grand, bigger than all throughout the land.”

And do you know what?  Her wish came true.

She grew, and grew, and grew and grew.

“Oh, woe is me,” said the giant bee.  “I cannot fly when I’m big as a tree!”

And the flowers all cried when she came to call,

For she squashed their petals and made them fall.

“Oh, woe is me, what shall I do?  I’ll wish again, till my wish comes true.”

And slowly, slowly, before her eyes, she shrank back down to her regular size.

She soared up high and zoomed down low.

Now wherever she wanted, she could go.

The flowers all smiled as she flew by, happy to see their friend in the sky.

“Oh, golly gee, it’s fun to be, small and light and free as a bee!”               

(C) Warren Publishing House