Sock Puppets


  • Wrap 1” strips of paper around your fingers and tape.
  • Draw faces and other features on with marking pens.


  • These can be easily made by cutting people or animal shapes out of cardboard.
  • Then taping a craft stick or drinking straw on the back to use as a handle.
  • Characters can be colored with marking pens.


  • You will need to make a puppet shape pattern, a head, two arms and a body section.
  • Then lay your pattern on top of two pieces of felt.
  • Cut around the pattern to create two puppet shapes.
  • Then by hand, or on a sewing machine, sew around your puppet shape, leaving the bottom side unsewn, so that you can stick your hand up into the puppet.
  • Decorate the front of your puppet with colorful felt scraps.


  • Take a small lunch sack and lay it flat.
  • Using felt scraps or marking pens decorate the bottom of the sack to represent a face.
  • To use the puppet, stick your hand up into the sack, keeping the bottom flap pointed down. 


  • Finger Nose Puppet – Turn a small paper cup up-side-down.  Poke a hole in the middle of one side of the cup.  This will become a nose hole.  Using a marking pen decorate around the hole to resemble a face.  Glue on some yarn hair.  Now stick your hand up into the cup and stick a finger out through the hole, to create the nose for your puppet.
  • Pop-Up Puppet – Place a small Styrofoam ball on the end of a plastic drinking straw.  Then take a small paper cup and make a hole in the bottom of the cup.  Decorate the ball to resemble a face, add hair or a hat to make it more interesting.  Now stick the straw down through the hole.  You can manipulate the straw up and down to make the puppet appear and disappear.


  • Magnet puppets can be made simply by cutting out people or animal shapes from light cardboard.
  • Decorate the shape with marking pens to create the character you desire.
  • Then attach a small magnet strip to the back of the shape.
  • Place the puppet on a metal pancake flipper to move about.


  • Take a small paper plate and decorate it to resemble a character in your story.
  • Attach a large craft stick to the bottom back of the plate to use as a handle.


  •  You can purchase a small animal puppet or you can make one by finding a discarded stuffed animal and opening the middle back and removing some of the stuffing.
  • Then stick your hand up into the animal with one finger up into the head and a finger stuck into each arm.
  • You should be able to manipulate the stuffed animal to move its head and arms.