Magnets and a Magnet Board can be fun additions to story time.

One of the easiest ways to make a magnet board, is to use a non-aluminum baking sheet.

  • Cover the bottom half of the baking sheet with light blue self-stick paper.
  • Then, cover the top half of the baking sheet with green self-stick paper.
  • Cut outs, backed with a magnet or a magnet strip can be easily moved around on your magnet board as you tell a story.


  • Go to junk stores and look for objects made from thin metal.  Take a magnet with you to find what sticks and what doesn’t.
  • Older type refrigerators also work as great magnet boards.  I once heard of a teacher who had her husband hang an old refrigerator door on her wall for her and her children to use as a magnet board.


  • Pancake Turners – these are great for attaching character magnets and holding them up high for your children to see.
  • Metal Book Ends – these can be used like the pancake turner.  Attach the magnet character to the back of the book holder and hold it up for your children to see.  Large puppet sized characters can be held in place using these holders.

Magnet characters are easy to make.

  • Cut out pictures from magazines, books, greeting cards, or pattern shapes.
  • If the picture is thin, glue it onto a sheet of light weight cardboard.
  • Then, attach a magnet or a magnet strip to the back of the character.


  • Small clay donut magnets – found at auto supply stores.  (Be careful if children are handling these, because they can break if dropped.)
  • Small horse shoe magnets – found at toy stores.
  • Magnet strips or magnet sheets – found at craft stores.


  • Tape a large paper clip and pull the center wires out to a 45 degree angle.
  • Take the smaller loop to the back of a character cut out, with the larger loop balancing the cut out so that it can stand up straight.
  • Place the cut out on the top of a cardboard box that has been turned so that the opening is on its side.
  • Take a magnet and place your hand into the box.
  • The magnet in your hand, should be able to move the paper clip on the top of the box around.