One day I found a pair of shoes out upon the walk.

They looked like any other shoes, except this pair could talk!

They told me they were special shoes, that I might wear that day.

I quickly slipped them on my feet and headed out to play.

When I ran with all my friends, my shoes went, oh, so fast.

I found myself out in the lead, instead of near the last.

And when we started jumping over brooks and streams,

My feet just seemed to fly across, like they do in dreams.

I wore my shoes while swimming and swam across the lake.

I looked just like a motorboat  -- I even left a wake.

Next, I tried some dancing, the shoes were really neat.

They let me spin and leap and bend and never miss a beat.

What a special day that was, what a special treat

To have such fun at everything – to have two magic feet!

                                                                                Jean Warren

Have your children act out the motions of the rhyme story.