When preschoolers are busy playing or involved in an activity, it is hard for them to know, when they need to stop what they are doing, clean up their area, and move to another location in the room.  When you are ready for Story Time, here are some suggestions to help get their attention.  Once you have decided the ritual that works best for you and your class, always use the same “attention getter” with your group.

  • One way to get your children’s attention when you want them to stop what they are doing and come to story time, is to ring a small bell.
  • Another trick is to dim or flash the lights.  Most everyone will wonder what is happening and then they will notice you headed to the story telling area.
  • One teacher I know, puts on a “story shawl” and goes and sits in the story telling chair.
  • One of my favorites is to just start singing a song about coming to hear a story.  You can walk around the room and children can finish up what they are doing and then come and hook onto your story train as it chugs towards the story area.
  • Some teachers use story mats.  By the time they have been set out, most children know that it is time to come to story time.
  • Another teacher I know, simply lowers her voice and her children have to stop what they are doing to hear what she is saying.  This has never worked for me, but you might want to try it.