A Creative Action Story by Jean Warren

Buttons are magic, or didn’t you know?
Some make you smaller, some make you grow.
Anyway, that’s what I like to pretend.
When I go out playing with all of my friends.

A belt full of buttons, I button on me.
They’re really quite handy, as you will see.
If I want to talk, to the bugs on the ground,
I push a small button and shrink right on down.

It really is different, being so small.
The grass is a jungle, each blade super tall.
The creatures I meet, are happy to see
They have nothing to fear from wee little me.

And if quite by chance, I happen to meet
A bird who’s out looking for something to eat,
I press a big button and feel myself rise
Right back on up to my regular size.

Buttons all over my belt, is great fun,
It lets me help out, when there’s work to be done.
I press a big button and watch myself grow
Bigger all over, from my head to my toe.

The world is so different, when I shoot up so tall.
I can see over my house or sit on a wall.
And if there is a cat, stuck high in a tree,
I reach right on over and help set him free.

Being so tall is really quite grand,
When others work high, I can lend them a hand.
Now if there’s a plane flying low in the sky.
I zap right on down, if my head’s up too high.

Buttons are magic or didn’t you know.
Some make you smaller, some make you grow.
Whatever you want, that’s what you can be.
Anything’s possible, pretending, like me!

Consider making a button belt for your child.
Sew buttons on a sturdy strip of material.
Velcro ends to fit around your child’s waist.