Adapted from an AESOP’S FABLE by Jean Warren

Once upon a time, there was an old apple tree that no longer bore fruit.  It was of no value to the farmer, so he decided to chop the tree down.

But when he raised his ax, he heard a great commotion in the tree, for it was filled with animals.
            “Please don’t chop down my home,” cried the squirrel.
            “Please don’t chop down my home,” cried the bird.
            “Please don’t chop down my home,” cried the bee.

The farmer ignored their cries and raised the ax again.
            “I will share my nuts with you,” said the squirrel.
            “I will share my sweet songs with you,” said the bird.
            “I will share my honey,” said the bee.

Well, I guess the old tree is still good,” said the farmer and he went home feeling very lucky that he had such a valuable tree.

[Let your children act out the story.  You could also have them think of other ways the old tree could be of value to him.]