By Jean Warren
                                       A Christmas/Nutrition Story

One Christmas Eve, Santa landed his sleigh on a house, grabbed his bag of toys and slid down the chimney.  Once he was inside the house, he quickly went to work setting out the toys he had brought for the Reilly twins, Erin and Pat.

When he was done, Santa noticed a plate of cookies and a glass of milk set out with a note that read – For Santa.  Santa sat down in a big chair and soon found he had eaten the whole plate of cookies and had drunk the whole glass of milk.  As he got up to leave, he noticed another plate of fudge.  Before long, Santa had eaten everything on this plate, too.

When he was finished, he grabbed his toy bag and started to climb up out of the chimney.  The only problem was, he had eaten too much and now he and his bag did not fit in the chimney.

Santa went back to the Christmas tree and placed a few more toys under the tree from his bag and again he tried going up the chimney.  Again, he did not fit.  So back he went to the tree and this time, he placed every gift in his bag under the tree.  At last, Santa and his empty bag was able to climb up the chimney to the roof.

In the morning, when the children came downstairs  There were toys everywhere.  They decided they must have been awfully good to get so many toys, or else Santa really like the snacks they had left for him.

“Look, Santa ate all of his cookies and fudge and he left us a note,” said Erin.  Pat picked up the note and read,  “Please next year, could you just leave carrot sticks for the reindeer, Thanks, Santa”.

                                                The End