One cold and windy day in May,
Huff and Pull went out to play.

The sky was gray and the winds were cold.
They said, “Let’s go where the trade winds blow.”

So off they flew, way up high,
Until Hawaii they did spy.

“Aloha,” now the winds were saying,
While below the palms were swaying.

In the sea, they saw some whales
Spouting water and flipping tails.

They watched the waves roll in and out
And saw the surfers wave and shout.

“What a lovely place to be,
Let’s go see what we can see!”

The world below was quite a sight,
With rainbow colors shinning bright.

Colorful flowers everywhere,
Rainbow birds filled the air.

And even beneath the waters blue
Were shells and fish like rainbows, too.

Huff and Puff wished they could stay,
But knew they must go back one day.

So they packed their bags and went back home,
Filled with memories of their roam.

Now every time they want to share
The joy of Hawaii anywhere,

They just wait for a sunny day,
Then shed some tears for far away.

And soon the world is filled below
With a Huff and Puff Hawaiian Rainbow!

                                    By Jean Warren
                                    © Warren Publishing House