A seasonal tree story
By Jean Warren


It was autumn.  The trees in the park were busy changing into their new coats.  Soon the park was filled with the colors of yellow, red, gold and brown.

All of the trees were excited and happy.  All except Ellie.  Ellie was an evergreen tree, and no matter how hard she wished, her needle coat remained green.

The people in town came to admire the beautiful coats on the other trees.  The squirrels played in their colorful leaves.  The children danced beneath their branches.  Everyone said, “Ooh and Ahh!”  Ellie was sad.  No one noticed her at all.

Soon the autumn days grew shorter, the nights grew colder, and the winds began to blow.  The colorful leaves began to fly off the trees.  One by one, the wind sent them twirling to the ground.

As the other trees lost their leaves, the people in town began to notice Ellie the Evergreen.  The squirrels scampered in her warm branches.  The children played beneath her outstretched arms when it rained.  And when the first snows came, everyone admired her beauty.

One day, the townspeople came to the park and placed colorful lights on Ellie’s branches.  When the lights were turned on, everyone smiled and said, “Ooh and Ahh!”  There was no doubt about it, Ellie was now the most beautiful tree in the park!

Everyone was happy for Ellie, even the other trees.  They knew that autumn was their season and that winter was Ellie’s season.

Like the trees, we all have our season.  All we have to do is wait!

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