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Summertime is a fun time for outdoor water skills.  This activity is great for large muscle control.
Set out a large paint brush and a bucket of water.
Let your child water paint the side of the house or garage.

Encourage your child to paint either straight up and down or from side to side.

This is a great coordination game, if you are not afraid of getting wet!
Set up some small empty paper cups on a narrow piece of wood, or outdoor table.
Give your child a loaded water pistol.
Have her see how many cups she can knock over from the water spray.
A fun outdoor coordination activity for children is hammering.  Be sure to supervise.
You will need large nails, a small hammer and some soft wood or a tree stump.
Parents can help by hammering the nail in place, then letting their child have the fun of hammering the nail down as far as it will go.
Variation:  For toddlers, you may just want to let them hammer golf tees into a piece of Styrofoam.
Walking on cans has been a favorite of children for many years.  It is an inexpensive toy and allows for the development of coordination in handling the walking process.
You need two clean empty cans the same size. (Be sure there are no sharp edges on the cans.)
Turn cans upside down, punch two holes at the top of each can (opposite one another).
Then thread each can by bringing 6 feet or more of rope through the two holes and tying the ends together, creating handles that reach the child’s waist.
Holding onto the rope handles, child steps up on the tops of the cans and by pulling tight on the handles, is able to lift his feet and walk.