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Spring is a great time to help your children increase their vocabularies with names and colors of flowers.
Cut pictures of familiar flowers out of magazines or bulb catalogs.
Make a book with a different flower pasted on each page.

Write the name of the flower and it’s color on the bottom of each page.  Such as:  “A red tulip.”

Encourage your children to “read” the book to you, naming each flower and it’s color.
Have your child identify any of these flowers you happen to see in your yard, or while out shopping.
What a great time to think about the sound of “B” and all the fun “B” words your child already knows.
Write “B” words at the top of a piece of paper.
Tell your child that you are going to write down any word they can think of that starts like the word “bunny”.
Examples of “B” words your child might recall:  basket, bell, box, bag, balloon, bus, baby, bottle, bib, boat, etc.
If your child has trouble thinking of “B” words, go for a walk around your house and say the names of items you see.  I’m sure you will find familiar “B” words.
Here are a list of rhymes you might want to teach your child, that have spring themes.
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Hot Cross Buns
Humpty Dumpty
Eensy Weensy Spider
Mary Had A Little Lamb

Can be found at the Story Station.