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Take the time to teach your child the skill of giving.  This doesn’t have to be a chore for young children.  This should be a time for family fun.  When you instill the gift of giving in your child you will be giving them the opportunity for great joy in their lives.

Take your children with you to visit sick friends or family members in nursing homes.
Offer as a family to help an elderly neighbor clean up his yard.
Let your child help you bake cookies or breads to share with others.
Let your child help you take food to the food bank.
Encourage your child to donate change to the Salvation Army Santa’s.
Give a family gift of money to your favorite charity.
Let your child help you pick out and pay for stuffed animals to donate to the police or to the elderly.
Donate toys to the holiday “Giving Trees”

Donate outgrown clothes to the Goodwill or Back to School drives.
Donate mittens to a Mitten “Giving Tree”.
Make holiday wreaths for your neighbors.
Make picture frames for family and friends.
Make placemats for grandparents.
Make holiday ornaments for special loved ones.
Write down a story dictated to you by your child to share with family members.
Make a family movie to send to relatives far away.
Make holiday cards to send to others.

Can be found at the Art Station.  Look for Gifts for Mother’s, Father’s and Grandparents.


Teach your child that gift giving should be year ‘round.  Help him remember such things as, birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays.  Below is a list of giving ideas for each month of the year.  These are just suggestions, so that you can see, that the joy of giving can continue all year long.

January – Visit a nursing home and pass out small stuffed animals as gifts.

February – Make and send valentines to loved ones.

March – Give money to your favorite charity.

April – Make an Easter Basket  for someone in the hospital or a shut-in at home.

May – Grow flowers to share with others.

June – Help an elderly neighbor clean up his yard.

July – Make a movie to send to grandparents who live far away.

August – Give used clothing to “School Bell” projects.

September – Make special gifts for grandparents to celebrate Grandparents Day.

October – Donate food to the Food Bank.

November – Give presents or clothing to “Giving Trees”

December – Bake cookies for community helpers.
                 - Make holiday wreaths for neighbors.

You may enjoy reading the story at the Story Station called the “Surprise Tree”.  It is about a tree that keeps on giving all year long.