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Sit with your child in the middle of the room.
Start by saying something like, “I see something that is yellow, up high.”
Or, I see something blue that is on top of the box on the chair.
Try to give color and position of the object.
Have your child try to guess what the object is by listening to the color and position clues.
Older children my want to see if you can guess an object from their clues.
Give your child a stuffed toy, such as a teddy bear.
Pretend to snap photos of your child as you give directions such as, “Move backward one step.  Take two steps forward.  Sit next to the teddy bear.  Hold the teddy bear above your head.  Put your arms around the teddy bear, etc.
Change places with your child and let him give you directions.

Make a house for a toy dog (or any small toy animal) by turning a box upside down and cutting a door on one side.
Put the house on a table.
Place the toy dog in several locations relative to the house.
As you do this, have your child tell you where the dog is, in relationship to the house.  Example;  “the dog is in the house” or “the dog is on top of the house”.  Other position could be; next to, beneath, over, and behind.
Finally, let your child place the dog in various locations while you describe where the dog is.

Place an open box on its side on the floor for a garage.
Give your child a toy car.
Let your child “drive” the car around as you give directions, such as  “Drive into the garage.  Drive out of the garage.  Drive forward.  Drive backward.  Drive in front of the garage.  Drive in back of the garage.  Drive around the garage.  Drive between the garage and the chair.”
Play a word game with you child that will introduce her to some to the words she may encounter when she goes off to school.
Word commands like, “Sit up straight and tall, find a partner, stand still, face me, push your chair in, raise your hand, remain seated.”
A fun game to play using these words is “Simon Says”.
Other command words, could be things like, “in a row, single file, straight line, one at a time, right-hand corner”.
The more words like this your child knows, the easier time she will have when she goes to kindergarten.