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Have your children sit with you in a circle and place a black pot in the middle.
Give each child a cardboard circle covered with gold foil for a gold coin.
Write the word “gold” on a card and point out to your children that the word begins with the letter “g” and it makes the “ga” 
Have your children take turns saying the word “gold” emphasizing the sound of the “g”.
Now ask them to name other words that start with the “g” sound.
Then go around the circle and have your children take turns dropping their gold coins in the pot as they say a “g” word.

Variation:  Another variation of this game would be to print different letters on the gold coins.  Mix up the coins and one at a time let your children sort through the coins and only place the coins with the letter "g” into the black pot.

Variation:  You could play both of the games above use the letter “s” and making small green shamrock shapes for your game.
This game is for older children who can sound out short 3-letter words.
Make a large amount of light green felt hearts.
Using a black marking pen, write different letters on each heart, duplicating common used letters.
Set out the felt hearts and a felt board.
Let your children take turns choosing three hearts that spell a word, then placing the hearts together to make a shamrock.