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This game helps young children increase their vocabulary of action words (verbs).

Find magazine pictures showing people in action pursuits.
Cut out the pictures and glue them to index cards.
Write the action words at the bottom of each card.  For example:  you could make picture cards for verbs such as run, climb, laugh, hug, stretch, paint, splash, and dance. 
Put the cards in a pile.
Have your children choose a card and, without showing the card to anyone else, act out the motion shown on it.
Let the children try to guess what the word or action is.
Play until everyone has had a turn.
Variation:  You can play this game with just one child, by alternating turns between yourself and the child.
Take your child or children to the playgound to play this opposites game.
Say a word such as up, in, above, or under.
Have your child name the opposite of the word and look for a way to demonstrate it on the playground. 
For example, if you say “down”, the child would say “up” and climb up to the top of the climber.
Continue with other opposites.

Help your child learn the words north, south, east, and west by playing this simple game.
Secretly hide a few gold coins or other shiny objects somewhere in your yard.
Write north, south, east, and west on separate sheets of paper. 
Hang up each paper in the appropriate section of your yard. 
Review the word cards and how they are pronounces.  Point out the beginning sounds of each word.
Now guide your child on a treasure hunt by giving him verbal directions, such as, “Walk north until I tell you to stop.  Stop now and turn to the east.  Take five large steps and stop.  Take one step west and look south.”

Here is a fun game to help your child learn words that rhyme with “rat”.

Place a small toy cat at the bottom of a small set of stairs.
Take turns with your child naming words that rhyme with “cat”.
Each time one of you names a word, have your child move the cat up one step.
How far can the cat climb?