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This is a simple outdoor activity for your children.
Set out a regular 2" x 4" piece of wood (about 8 feet in length) on the ground or grass. (4" side up)
Hold your child's hand and have her walk on the wood beam.
Gradually begin letting go, until she can walk on the beam by herself without falling off.

Have your child try hopping on one foot.
Again, begin by holding onto one of her hands at first until she can do it on her own.
This is an old party game that actually helps your child learn important balancing skills.
Set out a cup of water on a chair on one side of an area.
Set an empty cup on another chair across the area.
Give your child a spoon and have her fill the spoon from the cup with water and transfer it to the other cup, spilling the least amount of water as possible.
Continue while interest lasts or until all the water has been transferred.