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Cut out some paper hearts and tape them to your floor.
Have your child hop (or jump) from one heart to the other.
VARIATION: Instead of hopping from heart to heart, have your child practice tip-toeing through the hearts without touching them.

Give your child a construction paper heart and a hole punch.
Show her how to punch holes around the edge of her heart.
Have your child use the hole punched heart from the previous activity and sew around it.
Take a 12" piece of yarn and tie one end to the bottom hole on her heart.
Then, wrap a small piece of tape around the other end for a needle.
Show your child how to sew her heart by stringing the yarn in and out of the holes.
You may need to attach additional yarn pieces for your child to finish the heart.
VARIATION: Show your child how to sew around the heart, by looping the yarn around the outside edge each time.
You will need a large hat for this tossing game.
Set the hat on the floor up-side-down.
Give your child 5-10 (3") hearts cut from heavy paper.
Then, have him stand back a couple feet and attempt to toss the hearts into the hat.
For this project, you will need two large pages of newspaper.
Stack the two pages and cut out two identical large hearts.
Keeping one heart on top of the other, staple around the edges of the two hearts, leaving a few inches near the bottom point unstapled (leaving an opening large enough for your child to stick her hand up inside the heart).
Next, give her small squares of newspaper (approximately 8" x 8") to crumple up and stuff into her heart.
Staple the bottom edges together, when your child is finished.
Have your child paint or decorate her heart if she wishes.