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You can make simple sewing shapes for your child by punching holes around the edge of cardboard shapes or the fronts of holiday or birthday cards.
Use a hole punch to punch holes (approx. ½” apart) around the cards or shapes.
Make a sewing thread for your child with a 12” section of yarn.
Wrap one end of the yarn with tape for a needle and tie the other end of the yarn through one of the sewing holes.
Provide additional yarn sections, if necessary.
Show her how to weave the yarn in and out of the holes or loop around the card, then through a hole.
CAUTION: Do not let your child play with pieces of yarn over 12” long. Long pieces of yarn or string can pose a strangulation hazard for young children.

Another fun beginning sewing experience for your preschooler is to sew on burlap.
For this activity you will need an embroidery hoop and a square of burlap, slightly larger than the hoop.
You will also need a large plastic child’s needle or yarn needle and 12” lengths of colorful yarn.
Place the burlap in the embroidery hoop and give it to your child.
Thread a piece of yarn in the yarn needle and give it to your child.
Show him how to sew the yarn in and out of the burlap.
Continue giving him yarn lengths while interest in the project lasts.
A fun weaving project to do with your child is to make a weaving board.
Take a piece of (approx. 8 ½” x 11”) piece of cardboard and cut (½” – ¾”) slits down from the top and up from the bottom of the paper, set ½” apart.
Help your child string yarn up and down the board. Start at the top by placing the yarn in one of the slits, then go down to the corresponding slit on the bottom and pull the yarn in the slit and out the next slit. Then bring the yarn up to the top of the board and continue until you have yarn running up and down through all of the slits.
Now you have your board set up, give your child 12” sections of colorful yarn, with tape or a yarn needle attached to one end or wrap tape around one end.
Show her how to weave her needle in and out of the yarn strips on the board
These look good even if your child does not complete the whole length of the board.
Loose pieces of yarn can be taped onto the back of the board when your child is finished to prevent the weaving from coming apart.