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Before children can properly learn to write, they first need lots of practice developing their small muscle control. Provide your children with fun ways to strengthen small muscles so that they will eventually be able to hold and control a pencil.


Whether you are at the beach or in your backyard, your children can practice writing in the sand. Your child can use sticks, a spoon handle, or even their finger to create letters and shapes.
To start, make a simple shape, such as a triangle but leave off one side. Have your child finish the shape for you.
Next, make a shape and have your child duplicate your shape.
As your child gets older, encourage them to make letters and shapes on their own.
Writing their name is usually a favorite along with the word "hi".
Buy your child some colored "sidewalk" chalk to play with this summer. The great thing about chalk on the sidewalk is that you can spray it off with a garden hose when your child is finished.
Summer is a great time to encourage your children to write short notes to friends and family. To make the task easier, give your children post cards that already have such words as "Dear__________" and "I like to __________________in the summer" and "Love___________".

You can make your own "play" postcards by folding a piece of 8 ½" x 11" piece of sturdy paper into four sections. Cut the sections and write the uncompleted messages on them for your child to finish.