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Outdoor Olympics


A great way to celebrate summer is with your own Outdoor Olympics complete with a parade, medals, and no-lose games. Invite friends and neighbors to join in the fun. Coordination games can help young children develop important large and small motor skills.
Olympic Parade
Make Olympic torches by covering short cardboard tubes with aluminum foil and adding flame shapes cut from orange construction paper. Let your children carry their torches while they march around your room and then outdoors.
Olympic Medals

 Cover cardboard circles with aluminum foil. Punch a hole in each circle and thread it onto ribbon. Give each child a medal at the end of your games.
 Beanbag Relay
 Have your children stand in a line. Put a laundry basket or box by the child at the end of the line. Give a beanbag to the child at the beginning of the line. Have the children pass the beanbag down the line and into the basket. See how many beanbags they can put in the basket in a certain amount of time.
Hoop to Hoop

 Place several plastic hoops on the ground in a zigzag pattern. Have your children jump from hoop to hoop. If you don't have hoops you can create circles on the ground with long pieces of yarn. CAUTION: Use long yarn pieces only under adult supervision. Long pieces of yarn can cause choking
Bell Jump
Hang several bells from a tree branch or a clothesline so that they are just out of your children's reach. Let your children take turns jumping up to make the bells ring.
Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in your playground. Have the course lead your children under, over, around, and through a variety of obstacles.