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Help your child make some of their own pre-reading books.

    Cut some plain 8 ½ x11 white paper in half horizontally. Staple together 4 - 6 sheets. Have your child look through magazines and tear or cut out pictures. Have him glue one picture on each page. Next give him some red stickers and have him place one sticker somewhere on each page. Now go through the book with your child and tell him a story about a red ball that keeps rolling through the pages. After making up your story, encourage your child to make up their own story and "read" the book to your or to others.
    Place pictures of familiar family members in a small book like photo holder. Label each picture with the first name of each person pictured. Give the photo book to your child and have her "read" the book to you.

Help your child make a number book to read. Cut out 4 pieces of paper in half diagonally and staple them together. Write the numerals 1 through 8 on the pages of the book. Write "My Number Book" on the cover. Have your child tear or cut pictures from magazines of l object, 2 objects, 3 objects, etc. Then have him glue the pictures on the appropriate pages. Write the words for the number and the object on the bottom of each page; such as, "five apples" or "seven balloons". Encourage your child to "read" his book to you.