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Sharpen up your child's thinking skills with these fun seasonal games and activities.

  • Tell or read your child a short story and have her make up her own name for the story.
  • Show your child a picture from a book or a magazine and have him tell you, "What just happened?" or "What will happen next?"
  • Make up a new version of a fairy tale with your child. Act out the tale using available stuffed animals. Example: The Green Frog and the Three Elephants"
  • After reading a story or watching a video, ask your child to describe the main character. "What did she look like?" "What kind of a person was she?" etc.

  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? - Hide an object in a box. Let your child rattle and shake the box and ask you five questions. Can he guess what's inside? Your child's interest in this game will last longer if you take turns trying to fool each other.
  • WHAT'S IN THE SOCK? - Place a common object in a dark sock. Tie or pin the end closed. Let your child feel the object through the sock. Can she guess what it is?
  • I SPY - Take turns finding object in a room with your child. One person picks out an object and tells the other, "I spy a blue object". The other person gets 4 chances to guess the object.
  • CATEGORIES - Pick a category and take turns with your child naming objects in that category. Examples: Toys, Decorations, Pies, Things with wheels, etc.