Roll a snowball large,                     (Make circle using arms.)
Then one of middle size.              (Make circle using both hands.)
Roll a snowball small,                     (Make a circle using one pointer finger and a thumb.)
Use lumps of coal for eyes.           (Make two fists, then raise them to your eyes.)

Place a carrot for a nose,              (Make one hand a carrot and raise to nose.)
An old hat on his head.                 (Place pretend hat on his head.)
And for his necktie,
Tie a ribbon red.                           (Tie a pretend ribbon around your neck)

A pipe goes in his mouth.  (Stick thumb in mouth)
Now buttons on his vest,                  (Make fists go down chest.)
And there he stands so round and fat.  (Stand up proud, stick out chest, hands on hips.)
Of snowmen, he’s the best.
                                Adapted Traditional by Jean Warren


I am a snowman, cold and white.
I stand up tall, all through the night.              (Stand up tall)
With a carrot nose                                           (Point to nose)
And head held high,                                       (Hold head up high)
Two lumps of coal to make my eyes.        (Point to eyes)
I have a muffler made of red,                     (Pretend to wrap scarf around neck)
And a tall black hat upon my head.           (Place hands on top of head)

The sun is coming out! Oh, my!                 (Make circle with arms)
I think that I am going to cry.                       (Pretend to cry)
Yesterday, I was so big and round,    (Start sinking to the floor)
Now, I’m a puddle lying on the ground.        (Collapse  on the floor)
                                Adapted Traditional by Jean Warren


Into their hives the busy bees crawl.                       (Flap fingers for wings)
Into the ant hills, go ants one and all.                      (Wiggle fingers running up hill)
Caterpillars too, have hidden their heads,               (Spin around )
Safely spun in their snug little beds.                        (Rest head on hands)

The squirrels have all climbed to their holes in the trees.   (Climbing motion)
The bird nests are empty, no birds can we see.  (Flap wings again)
The leaves have all blown away on the wind       (Flap around like falling leaves)
Announcing to all – Now winter begins!               (Hold hands like megaphone

Fires are built in the hearths of homes.                  (Rub hands together )
Hats are knitted and coats are sewn.                     (Pretend to knit or sew)
Harsh winds blow all through the night.                 (Blow)
Lights all flicker, what a sight!                                (Hold up arm and wave hand)

Everyone waits for the first sight of snow,            (Cup eyes, like looking out window)
Then down it comes, soft and slow.                       (Fall gently, twirling to the ground)
The world is quiet, the world is white,                   (Cup ear)
Winter is here, a beautiful sight!    (Fall back and pretend to make snow angles on floor)
                                                Jean Warren
                                                Adapted Traditional