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Give your child a 3” strip of green paper.
Show her how cut small straight lines along the top edge (fringing).
Have her glue the fringed strip along the bottom of a piece of paper.
Set out some marking pens and have her draw an outdoor picture above the grass.
Give your child a large plastic drinking straw.
Have him cut the straw into (approx. 1”) sections.
Then give him a twelve inch piece of yarn, with tape wrapped around one end to create a needle.
Show your child how to string the straw sections onto his yarn piece.
Tie the two ends together when your child is finished to make a straw necklace.
Give your child either a small paper cup or a paper baking cup.
Show him how to cut slits from the outside (or top) towards the middle.
When your child is finished cutting have him smash the cup and watch as the cup turns into a flower shape.
These can be glued onto a piece of paper and green paper stems and leaves can be added.
Set out some small pieces of square or rectangle paper.
Show your child how to cut the corners of these papers to create triangles.
Let your child continue to snip corners until she has about 16-20 triangles.
Give your child a piece of paper and some glue and have her glue the triangle shapes onto the paper in an interesting design.