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Have your child help you fill in the blanks to this poem and add additional lines.

When I look into the sky I see shapes floating by.

I see a ______ way up high.
I see three ________ in the sky.

Help your child make a pre-reader by giving him an eight page blank book. Encourage him to draw pictures of objects in the sky, such as, stars, the moon, an airplane, clouds, etc. Later, print the sentence "I see ______ in the sky." on each page. Fill in the word of the object from each picture.

Read the book to your child and then have him read the book back to you. These simple repetitious stories are great for pre-readers. Your child will feel like he is really reading and take much more ownership of the story if he has helped make it.


On a large piece of blue paper, write your child's name. Then give her some cotton balls and show her how to stretch them out to make long strings. Next, give her some glue to brush on the letters of her name. Then show her how to place the strings of cotton on the letters to make her name look like it is made out of clouds. You may want to extend this activity by giving her another sheet of paper with her name written on it and have her cover the letters with Cheerios or beans.