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Below is a Bunny story to enjoy with the preschooler in your life.
Read the story one or two times.
Then read it leaving off the last word of each stanza for your child to chime in.
Eventually, your child may be able to remember the entire last line of each stanza.


Out in the woods,
In a cozy bunny den
Lived a big mother bunny
And her little bunnies ten.

"Hurry", said their mother
"We'll hurry", said the ten
As they hopped off to school
Down in the forest glen.

They stopped at the river
They stopped where it bends
They looked in the water
And saw some bunny friends.

They stopped in the field
And talked to a Wren.
They picked pretty flowers
Then set off again.

At last they got to school
The little bunnies ten.
Their teacher was worried,
"Where have you been?"

"We played in the water,
We talked to the Wren
We're sorry we're late,"
Said the little bunnies ten.

"Well take your seats
And pick up your pens
Write fifty times -
We won't be late again."