Put a dinosaur sticker on the bottom of a plain folded card or a small index card.
Write: You are invited to a “DINO-MITE “ party for ______.
Write the party details on the back of the index card or inside the folded card.
Dinosaur toys found in Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur book

Dinosaur animal cookies to take home

Cardboard dinosaur cutouts

Dinosaur placemats
Dinosaur plates and napkins
Graham Cracker (Dino Shaped) with frosting and sprinkles.
Green Jello with dinosaur Gummis inside.
Cake decorated with plastic dinosaurs.

Let the children make their own placemats. Give them a colored sheet of construction paper and some dinosaur stickers to place in the four corners.

Let the children help frost the Graham crackers and shake on sprinkles.

Have children crack open Dinosaur Eggs (recipe below) open to find a small dinosaur inside.
DINOSAUR EGG RECIPE – make ahead of time.
Mix together in a sauce pan, 1 cup sand, ½ cup cornstarch, 1 tsp. alum (found in the spice isle of a grocery store) and ½ cup water.
Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick.
Place mixture on a piece of waxed paper to cool.
When cool, divide it into 4-6 balls.
Place a small dinosaur figure inside each ball and shape it to resemble an egg.
Let the eggs dry, then set them out for the children to crack open using small hammers. You could also use craft sticks, spoons or other safe cracking tools. If you are real adventurous, you could let the children throw them down on concrete to crack them open
Read Dinosaur stories to children (found at the Story Station).
Have children act out dinosaur stories or songs.
Hide clean chicken or turkey bones for your children to dig up in a sand box.
Play the Dangerous Dinosaur game found below.
This game was sent in by Diane Thom.
Set off a section of your room or outdoor play area as the “dinosaur lair”.
Pick one of your children to be the “Dangerous Dinosaur."
Have the Dangerous Dinosaur stand in the Lair and call out the dinosaur dare.
         “Are you brave? Do you dare?
          Come into my dinosaur lair?”
All the children move forward into the lair, (at least half way) either sneaking or running.
The Dangerous Dinosaur tries to tag them before they can turn around and run back out of the lair.
The tagged children must stay in the lair and become “Dangerous Dinosaurs”.
Now all the Dangerous Dinosaurs call out the dinosaur dare.
The game continues until all the children are in the lair.
To begin the game again, the last child caught is the next “Dangerous Dinosaur”.