On the front of an index card write “You’re Invited to ______’s Winter Birthday Bash”, then have your child place winter stickers, or use a snowmen stamp to decorate.
You could also cut out mitten shapes for your child to decorate.
Write the party information on the back of the card.
Packets of fake snow
Real pair of mittens
A copy of the story “The Three Little Kittens” or a Snowy Day book.

Hang large cardboard snowflakes down from the ceiling or tape to walls.

Decorate with white and light blue crepe streamers and balloons.
Make or purchase a large cardboard snowman shape for your wall.
Hot chocolate with small white marshmallows.
Hot dogs in blankets. (Bake wrapped in biscuit dough.)
Snow Cones – (you can use crushed ice and concentrated juices).
Snowman cake – (Bake two sizes of cake rounds, then cover each with white 7 minute frosting and decorate the smaller round as the snowman’s head and the larger round as his body.
Ice Cream Snowballs – (Use an ice cream scoop to make ice cream balls from vanilla ice cream. Roll the balls in shredded coconut and place them on a piece of waxed paper in a flat dish. Freeze the snowballs several hours before serving.

Marshmallow People – Set out some large and small marshmallows and some toothpicks. Encourage the children to make marshmallow snow people. Children can eat their people when they are done or take them home with them.

Snowflakes – give the children automatic coffee maker filters. Have them fold the filters in half and then in half again. Show the children how to cut triangles on the folded edges of the filters. When the filters are unfolded, they resemble snowflakes.

Sewing mittens – Give the children, large cardboard mitten shapes which you have punched holes all around the edge of the shapes. Make yarn needles by wrapping tape around one end of a piece of yarn. Tie the other end of the yarn onto one of the holes of the mitten shape. Show the children how to sew in and out of the holes all the way around the shape.
Snowman Puppets – Give the children white cardboard snowmen shapes (approximately 5” x 6”). Have children decorate the shapes using crayons or marking pens. Have children glue or tape on a craft stick handle to make a snowman stick puppet.

Blow up two balloons and knot the ends.
Dip half-inch paper strips in a solution of equal amounts of glue and water and completely cover the balloons with the strips.

When the paper is completely dry, pop the balloons.

Cut a small hole in each shape, fill them with wrapped candy and tape the holes closed.
Glue the two balls together to make a snowman shape and cover it with pieces of white crepe paper.
Add construction paper eyes, nose, mouth and buttons to complete.
Hang the snowman piñata in a convenient place to have children swing at the piñata with a plastic baseball bat.

Buy a set of mittens for each child.
Hide one of each mitten set.
Give a mitten to each child.
Have children hunt for their matching mitten.
Let children keep their mitten set as a prize or favor from the party.
For younger children, instead of hiding the mittens, you could just place half of the mittens in a pile in the center of the room and let the children take turns trying to find their mitten match-up.
Have children line up in two lines for two relay teams.
Set a large pair of boots at the front of each line.
The first child in each line must take off their shoes, put on the large boots, run across the room to a designated place and back.
The children then take off the boots and hand them to the next person in their line.
The first team to have all of their players run in the big boots and back is the winner.
If you have hardwood floors in your house, you can let your children pretend to ice skate.
Have children take off their shoes
Then slide around the room in their socks.
Place a large white circle on the wall.
Give your children white paper plates.
Have children decorate the plates with a snowman face.
Blindfold the children one at a time and have them point to a spot that they want you to tape their snowman head.