Look for party invitations with pictures of people wearing party hats.
Or – make your own invitations. Put a picture of a hat on the outside of a card and write “Hat’s Off to (birthday child) Party”. On the inside of the card give all the details about the party.
Purchase party hats for everyone.
Make nut cups that look like hats for your party. Use small paper cups (or nut cups) and put a paper brim around the top of the cup to suggest a top hat. Fill with candies and nuts.
Put pictures of hats or real hats on the wall. A large sombrero would be great.
Decorate a cake like a hat and use it as the centerpiece for your table.
Clown Sundies – with an ice cream scoop, scoop out ice cream balls onto waxed paper that has been placed inside a baking pan. Place a pointed sugar cone on the top of each scoop. Decorate each ice cream ball like a face using small candies. Freeze the ice cream clowns until you are ready to eat.

Here are three ideas for hats, your children will enjoy making.
RIM PAPER HATS - cut out the rims of paper plates and give the rims to the children. Set out glue and small items that the children can use to decorate their hat rim. Item suggestions: small straw flowers, felt cutouts, ribbons, macaroni, bows, large puzzle pieces, pom poms, rick-rack, etc. Cut two slits on the rims and lace ribbon through them to enable children to tie on their hats.
POINTED HATS– take a paper plate and using a utility knife cut slits across the center of the plate three or four times. Bend back the cut pieces to create 6-8 pointed sections. Let your children decorate the pointed tips with stickers or colorful poms. Children’s heads should fit in the center of the plate. If the hole is too tight, slit the rim and place tape across the opening on both sides.
CROWNS - cut out strips of construction paper 20” x 5”. Cut down the middle of each strip with a zig-zag line. This should create two crown strips. Let the children decorate their crowns with stickers, paper cutouts, poms, glitter, marking pens, or crayons.
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Set out a large hat upside down, such as, a top hat.
Provide your children with small wrapped candies.

Have children one at a time, try tossing their candies into the hat.

Let children keep all of their candies, but give a prize if the child gets two or more candies in the hat. (or whatever rules you think best for your children)
Have children stand in a circle.
Place a real hat on each child’s head, except one.
Play some music from a tape or on the radio.
Have children take off their hats and pass them to the person next to them on their right.
Have children place the hat on their heads and then take it off again and pass it also to the right.
Have children continue pass hats, until you stop the music.
The child with no hat, leaves the circle and sits down to watch the rest of the game. Give the child a party hat to wear.
Go back to the circle and take out one of the hats.
Continue the game until there is only one child left.
Give the winner of the game a small prize and a party hat.

Without children seeing, place a familiar object under a hat.

Give out some clues about the object.
Have children guess what is under the hat.
Continue giving out clues, making them easier as you go.
Give a small prize to the child or children who guess what is under your hat.
Continue with another object, if interest lasts.

Set out some hats worn by various individuals, such as; a babies bonnet, a fireman’s hat, a policeman’s hat, a chef’s hat, a pirate’s hat, a hard hat, a sailor’s hat, etc.

Let children come up one at a time and choose a hat and put it on.
Have the child act like the person who would wear this hat.
Ask the child, who they are pretending to be.
If he can name the person, he wins a prize.