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Three little Groundhogs cried and cried,
Because it was raining so heavy outside.

We can’t play race, we can’t play hide.
We can’t even go outside.

They sat in their burrow looking sour,
Then they cried, “Look! It was just a shower!”.

The three little groundhogs, then ran out to play
“Catch Your Shadow” on this sunny day.


Tune: “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean”

The groundhog came up to see
What the weather was like.
He saw the sun was shinning
But he had a terrible fright.

Shadow, shadow,
He saw his shadow, today, today.
Shadow, shadow,
Now, he couldn’t stay.

The groundhog had to go back
Down in his hole today.
The groundhog saw his shadow
So Spring was not on it’s way.

Shadow, shadow
He saw his shadow today, today.
Shadow, shadow
He couldn’t go out and play!
Jean Warren

Tune: “Up On The House Top”

Out of his hole
The groundhog came,
Checking for sun
Or maybe rain.

He came to see
If his shadow was there.
Was Spring coming,
Was it in the air?

Ho, ho, ho, Spring’s so slow.
Ho, ho, ho, winter must go –o.
Out of his hole
The groundhog came.
Should he go
Back home again?
Jean Warren